Live: Thai king coronation ceremony

Thailand gets a new King: Maha Vajiralongkorn has been officially crowned today, in a grand ceremony in Bangkok.

Elaborate rituals: The official coronation ceremony will stretch across three days, beginning on Saturday with a purification ritual using water from all 76 provinces. The King will be presented with royal regalia, ancient orders, weapons of sovereignty, and receive an audience of honored guests. King Vajiralongkorn became a fully-fledged king on Saturday, the moment he sat beneath the sacred, nine-tiered umbrella.

Royal procession: Following the King’s coronation, he will ride in the royal palanquin around Bangkok to allow his people to “pay homage to their new King.”

Lese majeste: Thailand stipulates harsh punishments for defaming or insulting the King or senior royals, a law critics say has stifled much-needed debate over the country’s future.

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